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Optimization not cannibalization

Powering personalization with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Marketing is a juggling act. You want to move product but you don’t want to lose money through an over-reliance on discounting. What you really need is a way to promote just the right offers to just the right people: optimizing engagement without cannibalizing revenue.

We're all about maximizing value from data, so we ran ML models on data from our platform of 150 million users. We learned some very interesting things:

Did you know that customers look at 5-8 coupons before redeeming one?


Customers using personalized upsell offers spend almost double! 

Download this infographic and see how you can benefit from adding AI and ML to customer behaviour models:

  • Get up close and personal.
    The ins and outs of personalized promotions.
  • Fact check!
    The numbers don’t lie: personalized offers get better results. 
  • Upsize and bundle
    Personalizing recommendations and tailoring add-on offers to individuals. 
  • Build stickiness
    Predicting (and preventing!) churn. Using personalization to re-engage churned or at-risk customers.

AL and ML Marketing Personalization